Friday, 19 October 2012

Harrogate Mobile Marketing And Business Apps

Mobile Marketing In Harrogate Using Business Apps

"Harrogate mobile marketing"
Marketing is going through a huge change that is a direct result of technology and a new form of marketing has evolved and that is mobile marketing.
The boom in sales of smartphones and tablets has had a dramatic impact on marketing and has changed how leading brands such as Coca Cola are now marketing their brand using mobile marketing. Many larger companies are using mobile business apps to market their business, by giving visitors to their web site a host of features. 

"Harrogate mobile marketing and business apps"

Probably as many as 80% of Harrogate business owners currently have a business web site that is not optimized for the increasing number of people who use smartphones or tablets to access the internet.  Over eight million people in the UK access the Internet from their smartphone every day. There are currently 23 million smartphones in the UK – which is almost 50% of all mobile phones.

A recent survey by of 500 small businesses found that “84% saw an increase in new business activity due to their mobile marketing efforts.” 

“Every business should be thinking about building more apps today. It’s not a fad or a passing trend. It’s customer service.” Source:FORBES

So you need to address this issue of not having your site optimized and you need to seriously consider mobile marketing and include it in your marketing mix.

But the problem many small business owners face is lack of time and resources to research topics such as mobile marketing.  We there is an easier option you will be pleased to know.  There is an organization called Global BizznessApps who can provide both a mobile web site and business apps. Watch the short video below....

But even better is that you can significantly reduce the costs of your business apps by building them your self.  Global BizznessApps give you access to their system allowing you to chose a business template and then build your apps online.  The system was designed to be as simple and easy to use with small business owners in mind and requires no programming knowledge.

Clients get access to over 42 business apps and more apps are continually being developed. You also get free unlimited messaging for text messaging campaigns and a free mobile web site and hosting.

Online training manuals are provided and video tutorials, there are also regular webinars and there is a technical help desk. Additionally Global BizznessApps provide the service of building clients web sites and apps for them if they don't have the time.